House Plaques

House Plaque and Research Service
The Historical Society offers hand painted wooden house plaques to identify historic homes and landmarks in Moorestown. Properties are acknowledged by date of construction and by original or historically recognized owner. Buildings 100 years or older are eligible for a plaque. The Historical Society staff will do a deed search to determine the age of your home. Changes of Title for a house or property are kept on file in the courthouse in Mt. Holly and can be searched using deed books, will books, and probate records. A simple deed search will yield the name of the owners of the house, when they sold the house, and who bought the house or received it as the result of probate action. This process is done backwards, from the current owner to the first owner or original property holder. In addition to the chain of ownership, we will also provide any information about the former residents that we come across in our research. The cost for research and the plaque is $250. Please contact the Society at 856-235-0353 or via email at or visit us when the Library is open: Tuesdays 1-4pm (except holidays) and the second Sunday of the month 1-3pm (except holidays).