New Acquisitions

Quilt that was found in a trunk in the attic of Nancy Froelicher's home.

Quilt that was found in a trunk in the attic of Nancy Froelicher’s home.

Accession #2017-11

90″ x 90″ square quilt that is not padded and does not have a bottom layer so that the back side of the quilt is exposed showing stitching and quilt side has unfinished edges. There wasn’t any information about the family origin of the quilt that was found in a trunk in the attic of Nancy Froelicher’s previous home on Main St. For more information and to see the quilt please visit us at Smith-Cadbury Mansion when we reopen in September!

Bowers Candy Tin

Bowers Candy Tin

Accession #2015-17

Recently donated by Historical Society member Dave Homer, a Bowers Old Fashioned Creamy Mints tin. MFD. By Bowers Candies DIV. Of C. J. Webb, INC., Moorestown, N.J. 08057. Ingredients: Cane Sugar, Water, Cream of Tartar, Oil of Peppermint. Do you have information about the Bowers Company that operated in Moorestown for many years? Let us know! Post a comment below!


Henry W. Moore Diary for 1873: click to enlarge.

Accession #2015-12

New in our collection are three books that belonged to the William Moore family. They include a handwritten arithmetic book dated 1829 possibly belonging to Martha Warrington Moore, a detailed ledger book of the Moore finances dated 1841-1881, and a diary of Henry W. Moore (1839-1920) covering the years between 1873-1881. William was the great grandson of Benjamin Moore, believed to have been the brother of Thomas Moore, namesake of our town. The three children of William and Martha Warrington Moore–Henry W., William S., and Hannah E. Moore–lived together as adults in their parent’s home. Bertha and Harvey Brown took care of the childless Moore siblings in their old age, as well as their house and garden. Consequently, the house and its contents were willed to the Browns. This donation comes from Bertha Bendel, daughter of Bertha and Harvey Brown, who grew up and still lives in the Moore home.

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